Oak Barrel Ageing

At Qualicum Village Winery we are proud to announce our new Oak Barrel Aging Process, for our highest quality, full bodied red wines. This is a simple process that requires no additional effort for our customers except for a little extra patience. You start your wine as usual and it is taken through the same steps by our knowledgeable staff, except that instead of being ready to bottle once it is filtered, the wine is transferred to an oak barrel to mature. When the wine is removed from the barrel it is ready to bottle.

Advantages of Oak Barrel Aging

After fermentation, young wine is usually “rough, raw and green” and needs to settle for a period of time. If it is allowed to rest in an oak barrel, wine goes through subtle changes, resulting in greater complexity and a softening of the harsh tannins and flavours present at the end of fermentation.

Two Benefits of Oak Barrel Aging

First, it allows a very slow introduction of oxygen into the wine. Oxygen is an integral component to the aging of wine. This gradual oxidation of your wine results in decreased astringency and increased colour and stability. It also evolves the fruit aromas into more complex ones.

Second, it adds the character of the wood into the wine. Oak has a naturally occurring array of complex chemical compounds which contribute flavour and textural notes to the wine. The overall complexity of the wine also increases as the oak tannins combine and balance the tannins from the fruit.

Our “Two Kit Barrels” impart the oak flavours quickly to the wine. The high relative surface area allows for much faster ageing of wines. Two weeks in the barrel (after the initial 8 week process) is said to be equivalent to a one year aging period in a glass carboy.

Ask about your wines and how they can be improved with oak barrel aging.

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Notice to Customers

Customers are required by regulation to:

  • Add the ingredients to the fermentation container
  • Wash/sterilize bottles
  • Remove or deface commercial labels
  • Bottle and seal the product
  • Immediately remove the product after bottling

Making Your Own Wine

Check out some of the true benefits of making your own wine: